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Assessment of Aptitude to Study Bioinformatics (Bachelor) at the LMU und TU München


The admission to the Bioinformatics Program (Bachelor) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) and Technische Universität München (TUM) is contingent upon successful completion of an aptitude assessment exam. The deadline for application to the Assessment of Aptitude is July 15. (respectively, January 15) for the next winter term (repsectively, summer term).
Please note: An application for the summer term is only possible for students of Bioinformatics at other universities or for students with a closely related major subject (e.g., Computer Science).

Who must take the aptitude assessment exam?

Everyone who wants to enroll in Bioinformatics (Bachelor) at the LMU/TUM.

In particular, it concerns:

  • German and foreign citizens who want to begin their study in the first semester;
  • students of other subjects who want to change to Bioinformatics (Bachelor);
  • students of Media Informatics or Computer Science (also at the LMU or TUM!), who want to change to Bioinformatics (Bachelor);
  • students, studying Bioinformatics at another university, who want to continue their study at the LMU/TUM;
  • students with a "Vordiplom" in Bioinformatics who want to transfer to the LMU/TUM.
There will be no exceptions!


Your application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • a short tabular curriculum vitae;
  • a copy of the "Abitur" certificate (GCSE A-levels) or an equivalent document which enables you to study at a German university. If the certificate is not in German, English or French, an authorized translation is needed.
  • a completed and signed application form (will be available in time).
  • an essay (German or English) of up to 1,000 words on the following topic: "Why am I able to and why do I want to study Bioinformatics".
  • a self-adressed envelope type DIN B4 or DIN C4 or equivalent. If the address is in Germany the envelope must have a valid stamp (at least 1,45 Euro issued by the Deutsche Post). If the address is not in Germany, a Coupon-Réponse International should be enclosed.


Pending successful completion of the aptitude assessment exam we shall

  • welcome you as a student of Bioinformatics (Bachelor) at the LMU/TUM in Munich,
  • or invite you to an oral examination,


  • The application deadline is July 15 (or January 15). Please note that the complete application and enclosures must be received by July 15 (or January 15)!
  • Result of the first evaluation: presumably end of Juli or end of February.
  • Date of oral examination: End of July or end of February (see application form).
  • Date of additional oral examination for foreigners who have to do the language test in Munich: presumably in September.
  • Announcement of the final results: after the examinations. The written notifications will be sent within approximately one week.

A positive result in the assessment of aptitude is only one of the requirements for admission as a student in Bachelor's Program at the LMU/TUM. In particular, we do not check in this procedure whether your academic qualifications are sufficient to study at the LMU/TUM. Therefore a positive result does not guarantee admission at LMU/TUM.

Additional Information for Foreign Prospective Students

Please note that you may have to apply concurrently for admission at the International Office at the LMU until July 15 or January 15. The application processes for admission and for the Assesmnet of Aptitude are performed independently of each other. More informatioen, in particular, whether you have to apply for admission, can be obtained from the International Office of the LMU.

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All important information should be provided at this page or at the application form or in the response letters you will get. Should nevertheless anything be not clear, please contact Prof. Dr. Ralf Zimmer, Prof. Dr. Volker Heun.

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