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Praktikum Netzwerk- und Expressionsdaten-Analyse (SS2012)


The access restricted page will be online at the start of the semester.

  • Room: seminar room 105/cip-pool, Amalienstr. 17
  • Start and introduction: 24. 4. 2012
  • Date: during the semester: tuesday and thursday, 14.00-18.00
  • Semester break: 2 week block course
  • Points: 10 SWS / 12 ECTS (10P/Block)
In this course models will be reconstructed from expression data. The simplest models are sets of genes with related functions that exhibit significant signals in the experiments (panels 1+2). Pathway models help to understand the complex relationships between genes (panel 3). Finally, simulation models are constructed. Experimental measurements can then be compared to a simulation to evaluate the correctness of a model (panel 4).

For the inference of gene regulatory networks from mRNA expression data, many different approaches with their specific performances, data requirements, and inherent biases have been developed. Approaches are assessed via annually conducted community-wide challenges, the Dialogue on Reverse Engineering Assessment and Methods (DREAM).

The tutors of this course were recognized as best performer in two of these international challenges. The course focuses on the analysis and integration of expression and network data. The students will develop new methods for the inference of networks and are encouraged to participate in the upcoming DREAM challenges.

Course structure
The course has three parts:
  1. Seminar and methods
  2. Implementation of a novel approach to network inference
  3. Application on current data and writing of a manuscript
Please note: During the seminar part, talks might take place on tuesday and thursday to speed up the basic introduction
Ein detaillierter Zeitplan mit verlinktem Material ist auf der passwortgeschützte Seite
zu finden.
Termin Thema Vortragender
24.04. Einführungsveranstaltung Prof. Ralf Zimmer
03.05. Expressionsdaten, Eine Übersicht Dr. Robert Küffner
on demand DREAM - Der Wettbewerb 2011 tba
tba Expressiondaten, Analyse-Verfahren tba
tba Netzwerkbasierte Analysen und Modelle tba
tba Studentische Vorträge
tba Studentische Vorträge
tba Milestone A, Abnahme des Basissystems
tba Milestone B, Abnahme Prototypen Plenum
tba Milestone C, Abnahme Blockphasenkonzepte Plenum
tba Endabnahme Plenum
  • Grundstudium Bioinformatik (Bachelor oder Diplom)
  • Bioinformatik Programmierpraktikum
  • Genomorientiertes Programmierpraktikum

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