Supplementary Material: Alternative Splicing and Protein Structure Evolution

Comprehensive database of alternative splicing events annotated in SwissProt

A database showing several hundered splice variants annotated in the SwissProt database can be found here

Interactive Material to Figure 3

Please follow the links to get interactive access (Jmol) to the examples shown in the paper (Figure 3). Each example visualizes the splicing event as well as the superposition of spliced isoform and the protein from the other fold using Jmol. Additionally TOPS diagrams are shown to get a fast overview on the connectivity and topology of the examples shown. The correspondence of TOPS elements and the protein structures shown in Jmol may be explored interactively by clicking on an element in the TOPS diagram. The corresponding element in the structure will be colorized with the respective color. Please note that Jmol uses its own algorithm to annotate secondary structure elements in the cartoon view. Therefore those may differ from the secondary structure annotations (DSSP) used to create the TOPS diagrams which are more reliable than the Jmol assignments.