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Lab Network- and Expression Data Analysis

  General Information
  • Room: A 406 + CIP-pool, Amalienstr. 17
  • Start and introduction: Thursday,16.04.2015 14:00, A 406
  • Date (during the semester): Tuesday (10:00-18:00), Thursday (10:00-14:00), and Thursday (14:00-18:00, Presentations)
  • On tuesdays and thursday mornings you can work freely on your topics. For the presentations your attendance is mandatory.
  • Semester break: 2 week block course 20.7.-3.8./5.8.2015
  • Credits:: 10 SWS / 12 ECTS (10P/Block)

Participants of this lab:

  • Annemarie Danielsson
  • Hauke Glandorf
  • Marco Lombardi
  • Jade Martins
  • Holger Müller
  • Andreas Simon

Internal web page

At the beginning of the semester all required material will be provided at the interal Webpage (Internal web page)

This lab deals with the current versions of the major large-scale compendia of experimental high-throughput data (TCGA, ENCODE, Roadmap Epigenetics). Students learn aboutt the data types in thes compendia and the bioinformatics methods to analyse them. Every team will work on a specific bioinformatics problem in connection with compendia datasets.

The specific topics will be presented during the introductory meeting. Each topic will be worked on by a siingle student or a team of two participants.
Course structure
The course has three parts:
  1. Seminar and methods
  2. Implementation of a novel approach
  3. Application to current data and writing of manuscript
Please note: During the seminar part, talks might take place on tuesday AND thursday to speed up the basic introduction (due to several holidays in the summer term)
Course instructuors
  • Bachelor Bioinformatics
  • Bioinformatics programming course
  • Practical Genome-oriented bioinformatics
Good programming skills in Java under Linux will be required. The practical course will be performed in small groups of 3-4 students.
Criteria for the credits
  1. Seminar talks
  2. Exam on the web-based system for Atheronetwork an Atheroindex
  3. Report, manuscript or paper

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