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Special seminar bioinformatics (WS 2015/16)

This page is available in German only. Allgemeine Informationen
Dieses Seminar wird nur für ausgewählte Teilnehmer angeboten.
Zeit und Ort:
Di16-18Amalienstr. 17, A406
20.10.15 Kickoff-Meeting
Jan 2016 In January we will discuss the new CRISPR/Cas technology and its applications and ethical consequences. See some references on the material webpage.
The CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing technology: Methods, applications, ethical consequences. we will have three sessions, each presented by two students together (presenters: to be announced):
  1. 19.1.16: Scheibenreif&Schwarze: CRISPR/Cas: Scientific background and methods
  2. 26.1.16: Jahn&Resch: Applications
  3. 26.1.16: Altschäffel&Gerbert: Controversy and Ethics
  4. 2.2.16: Ralf Zimmer: Crispr/Cas in Bioinformatics Research: Herpes virus infections

Some References and Starting points: Interne Webseite und Material
Die interne Webseite zu diesem Seminar findet sich hier.

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