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Gene details

The gene details panel provides an overview over gene specific information. This includes exon specific information (sequence, positions, phase), links to Ensembl and Swissprot (if annotated for the gene), matches of Interpro patterns and Affymetrix probesets, alternative transcripts and exon usage in different transcripts as well as data of our exon chip analysis pipeline (PASS) if available. The following image shows an example for a gene details view after selecting the corresponding gene from a search result list.

On this level, the user can access summary information on the selected gene including the Ensembl gene id (click on the link to go to the Ensembl homepage), information on gene description, alternative gene names as well as location information. Information on the gene may be exported by clicking on the Save Gene Data button (Format information can be found here at the bottom of the window. To access further information on the gene, please click on one of the grey bars which correspond to detail views of gene information. Detailed help for the information displayed there can be accessed through the corresponding Help buttons.

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