QUASAR Tutorial - Graphical user interface (GUI)

One of the most important feature of Quasar is that users can easily define their own scoring functions that can be used by the Quasar system afterwards to rank sequence-structure alignments. The possibility of the user to be completely free to choose the quality ranking mechanism he or she wants to use requires a pretty complicated configuration file on the implementation side. Since we do not want to expect that all Quasar users are able to write such an XML configuration file, we developed an intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface to allow users to generate their own configuration files. You can start the graphical user interface by double-clicking on the quasar.jar file (Windows) or by typing the following in you command line (Linux, Windows...).

  1. Change to current directory to your Quasar folder
  2. Type the following: java -jar quasar.jar

To create your own configuration file you have to specify two main things. The first one is that you have to specify some things connected with the alignment file you want to use. The second thing is that you have to specify a score conductor and options that belong to the score conductor (scoring schemes used...). The graphical user interface supports the configuration of the parser and the score conductor options. If the scoring formula you defined with help of the GUI satisfies your needs you can either test the formula right away in the GUI (Run-panel) or (and) store the configuration file to use it together with Quasar in your own application. A configuration file can also be reloaded to the Quasar GUI using the menu item File -> Open Configuration.

In the following we will shortly outline the functionalities of the different Quasar panels (tabs in the GUI).